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Gurukulam was the heart of this village, Amaravathipudur.
A huge compound was encomposed this Gurukulam. It was also called SCGR High School.
As the school is living for many decades, the guys who studied in this school should be spreading their wings all around the world.
It was a beauty that this school was tucked in to this village!
Once my dad told me that he was teaching in this school from Karaikudi and used to visit this place for the construction of this school, in early 1920s.
why they built in Amaravathipudur?
In 1920s Karaikudi could easily give margin for this school.
May be, Alagappa Chettiar made the kingdoom in Karaikudi and Subramania Chettiar might have wanted a separate place to grow!
And you should know, this is a residential school!
But girls can join as days schooler and that girl should have the iron will to with stand the Headmaster, Thiruvikraman, who had a legendry treatment for girls.
I plan to write
  • Valliaappanan
  • kanakupillai Chockalingam
  • Iyya, manager iyya, suriamandai,( and my DAD)
  • Meelur iyya
  • Thirivikraman
  • Suppan
  • Mavati Mahalingam
  • Karuppan
  • Vaiandi
  • KRSG
  • Aruldass
  • Girlsroom
  • Toilet
  • Assembly
  • Garden
  • VPsir
  • and many


  1. My self Nagappan Nachiappan studied in Gurukulam staying in hostel from II STD to VIII std during 1970 -1976.I remember you & you were senior to me.I can not forget your dad as he was a strict disciplinarian & Your dad (ayya)always wear pure cotton white long shirt (pyjama) & dhothi.I remember another teacher (fogot his name)teaching coaching class students.I was also his student.He used to come from Karaikudi.Kanakkapillai Chockalingam always call hostel students by number allotted to them (my number is 3908).He possessed elephantarian memory .

    Few months back throgh google search I could get hostel phone number & spoke to warden for nearly half-an hour.I can not foget the following

    -Daily break fast idly
    -When I fall sick, they used to take me to doctor, karaikudi hospital in bullock-cart
    -night study class.
    -yearly drama
    -oil bath on every saturday
    -Monday holiday
    -my tuition teacher Mr.P.Narayanan(PN)
    -Other teachers Mr.Venugopal,K R Ganeshan,Mr.Alagapuri Alagappan, Mr.Shanmugam
    -Pilliayar koil near coaching class room
    -long walk to SANKARAVATHY KOTTAI during holiday along with close hostel mates
    -play KBADI & KITTI
    -Gardener Karuppan (strong body)who used to fill the big tank by manually drawing water from well.I was a good friend of Karuppan.He always allows me to take bath in the tank during holidays & allowed me to take pluck few raw mango from small mango tree. Lot more to share.

    Soon i may also visit our hostel/ school.If you by chance have phone number of school/hostel please share
    For the

    1. thanks, very late. can you pl give your contact details

  2. Hai Brothers ,
    My name is Subbiah.Kr.
    I am also studied in scgr gurukulam and hostel stayer( 1993-1998).My class teachers name is P.Narayanan ( Thaliya pottu aruka - this is his famous dialogue),KRS.Ganesan ( Very friendly to all),Kuppan Chetti ( VK-Tamil). i forgot others name.My hostel warden name is Renganathan ( Narmbu Reganathan).I'm very proud for my school.
    How to forget my school ............Wonderfull gardens,trees,Disciplines wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Thanks to create the sites
    With smiles

    1. legend renganathan has complete the 25th year of working in gurugulam, in 1990 gurugulam has 3warden & 13 workers but still there only one warden

  3. hi.. frds...

    Im prabhu.. studied here since 1994-1999 thru hostel. i know the abow guy karu.subbiah, he is my senior, the mam who is in always ruthraatchai and viboothi. but i think so he dont know abt me..

    3months back i went to my school, met KMC sir(HM),unfortunately i cudn't met another staffs.then i had a word with renganaathan(hostel warden) anna tooo... such a wonderfull person

    I love much my class teacher KMC sir. then mativaanan sir(tamil),selvam teacher,KRSG sir, Raaman sir,kannan sir,SC sir(STRICTTTT)...

    the people who are stayed in hostel they know well about SC sir tution, Me too studied(8th) the same tution... unforgettable moments.

    im really eager to meet my school friends
    like rastha muthukumar, palani,murasoli,A.pudur maarimuthu,murugaanantham,vallam santhaanam,umaththanaadu arun G,if any one of my frds read this mssg pls contact me.

    now im here in ABHUDHABI workn as a project engr.


  4. Dear Friends,
    Excited!!!My eyes have become teary when I read this blog & ppls comments...In a strange thought I just searched the school site & finally I found this!surprisingly before me,one of my dearest friend(prabhu Rajendran,vettukulam) visited here and mentioned my name(umaththanaadu arun G) also in his friends list!

    I met real friends only in Gurukulam
    Best Wishes! for all of you guys!
    thanks for the blogger & Author!


  5. Hi Friends,

    Myself Gopinath, i studied in SCGR from 1998 - 2001 through hostel and it was really a enjoyable time. When i come through this blog i am suddenly become more happy and went 10yrs back to my school life. i read all above comments and really happy to see people spending their time to think about their old school days. During my period there were teachers Mr.Selvanathan (maths), Mr.VK (HM), Mrs.Selvam Teacher, Mr.Rahman (Drawing) and other teachers name i forgot but if i meet then i can remember them. Mr.Ranganathan was my hostel warden and it was good feeling and lot of old memories and i used to tell to people that i am from the school where Great Poet and Lyricist Kannadasan also studied. I still remember the moments in the campus and smells of those mango trees. Really a cherishable moment in life.

    I haven't visited my school since 10 yrs but now i am feeling like going back to school and meeting everyone and recall my moments. During my days i had many friends and i am not able to recall many peoples name as i was shifted to different sections in my three years of schooling from C section in 8th std, B section in 9th Std and A section in 10th Std so i missed opportunity to be close with one particular person but got so many friends and few names Kottanathampatti Poonthamilan, Vallam (i forgot his name as it was very rare name but his relative guy name was Balu and Balu was our senior from paramakudi) and other guys are Madhavan, Manivannan, Prabhu from Aranthanki, Ganesh from chennai and another Ganesh from Karaikudi and i had a fight with a guy name Meenatchi sundaram in my 8th Std and i never spoke to him after that in my school days but he is the only guy who i fought in my life and didn't speak after that and i feel pain till now for that. After that incident i never fought with anyone till today and i am very eager to meet him and all my school friends. After my 10th i went to De Britto for my higher Secondary. If anyone read this and know me pls contact me on my mail id :, at present i am living in dubai and if anyone got school and hostel contact number do share here.

    Thanks a lot for creating this blog and bringing my school days back. Good luck everyone and hoping to meet everyone from SCGR School and keep in touch with all. Cheers all. Take care...

    00971 55 2372 718

  6. i want to know the history that means when it construct so and so ,....

    for to know about the school...

    could you please write that ,...

  7. I noticed your reply only to-day.
    my e-mail id is NN@LNTECC.COM.Working in L&T CHENNAI -Regards N NACHIAPPAN

  8. hi frnds,
    i am balakrishnan . i studied at 2000-2005 in this school. i really enjoyed that period .now am working in videocon telecommunication.

    Balakrishnan k

  9. hi frnds,
    i am balakrishnan . i studied at 2000-2005 in this school. i really enjoyed that period .now am working in videocon telecommunication.

    Balakrishnan k